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Latta Safe Return & Continuity of Services Plan

Latta School Safe Return and
Continuity of Services Plan

REVISED 10.12.2021 

Latta School will coordinate with the Pontotoc County Health Department to make sure proper protocols are followed and enforced in the event that a student or staff member is exposed to, or becomes infected with, the COVID-19 virus. The district will consult with and may follow any recommendations from the Pontotoc County Health Department related to outbreaks in the community or our school. This may include implementing any of the necessary procedures listed below or the temporary closure of individual schools or the entire district. 

1.    Universal and Correct Wearing of Masks -
A.    Students in grades 4-12 may be required to wear face masks as outlined in Latta Board Policy Viruses and Face Coverings which was adopted August 10, 2020. This policy allows the district superintendent to establish different masking levels based on the circumstances within the community.

Level 5 (Mandatory Mask Protocol): All individuals-including students, staff, and visitors-must wear masks while on school premises, on school buses, or while engaged in school-sponsored activities. 

Level 4 (Selective Masking): Students on school premises or engaged in school-sponsored activities must wear masks in situations where social distancing is unlikely or impossible; but, they may otherwise remove their masks. For example, students must wear masks on school buses and when traveling outside classrooms but may not be required to wear masks in classrooms. This may include masking of students by different grades or grade levels. Staff and visitors must wear masks on school premises. 

Level 3 (Employee and Visitor Masking): Staff and visitors must wear masks on school premises or while engaged in school-sponsored activities, but students are not required to wear them. Mask usage is highly encouraged. 

Level 2 (Visitor Masking): Visitors, including those associated with vendors, must wear masks on school premises or while engaged in school-sponsored activities; but staff and students are not required to wear them. Mask usage is highly encouraged. 

Level 1 (Optional Masking): All individuals - including students, staff, and visitors - may wear masks while on school premises or while engaged in school-sponsored activities.

Students and staff will receive training in the correct wearing of masks in the event that any group is required to wear masks. 

2.    Modifying Facilities to Allow for Physical Distancing -
A.    Physical Distancing -After consultation with the local health department, if it is determined that physical distancing is necessary to provide a safe and healthy physical environment, any or all the following steps may be implemented by the Superintendent.
a.    Classrooms and facilities will be arranged to maximize distancing. All teachers will keep an up-to-date seating chart for each class.
b.    Sneeze Guards will be placed in strategic locations.
c.    Sharing of instructional materials will be minimized and any items shared will be routinely disinfected.
d.    Signage will be displayed to encourage social distancing.
e.    Sanitation supplies and PPE will be available to all classrooms as needed.
f.    School visitors will be limited to necessary visits. Outside doors may be secured once school has started each day. Meetings with parents or the community may be conducted by telephone, computer teleconference or other agreed upon means where it is practical.
g.    In-person meetings may be allowed using proper social distancing protocols and temperature checks.
h.    Students may be divided into pods or cohorts to reduce exposure opportunities.

3.    Handwashing and respiratory etiquette -
A.    Students/Staff will receive training in COVID-19 safety including:
•      Washing hands with soap & water for at least 20 seconds
•      Avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth
•     Covering coughs and sneezes
•     Avoiding contact with others when sick

4.    Cleaning and maintaining healthy facilities -
A.    Custodial staff will receive additional training in cleaning to prevent the spread of infection.
B.    In the event of increased infections in the community, there will be increased frequency of cleaning high-touch surfaces.
C.    Instructional and office staff will have cleaning supplies and PPE necessary to support custodial staff in cleaning high-touch areas.
D.    All staff will have cleaning supplies and PPE necessary to support custodial staff in cleaning high-touch areas and maintaining a safe workspace.
E.    PPE/Cleaning Supplies: PPE such as gloves, hand sanitizer, masks, etc. will be available through each principal's office. For cleaning supplies, staff may contact the maintenance staff. 
F.     Latta Schools has installed ultra-violet lights in HVAC systems throughout the district in order to kill viruses and bacteria.  

5.    Contact tracing in Combination with Isolation/ Quarantine in
Collaboration with State and Local Health Department -
A.    Close Contact: Students/staff who are deemed to be a close contact of
someone who is positive for COVID-19 may be required to quarantine or be isolated based on current guidelines in place by the Pontotoc County Health Department. If a student is under quarantine/isolation, he/she will not be allowed to participate in or attend school-sponsored activities on or away from the school premises until the quarantine/isolation period is over.
B.    The Latta School Nurse and administration will work closely with the Pontotoc County Health Department to conduct contact tracing for any
students and staff that may have come into close contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19.

6.    Diagnostic and Screening Testing -
A.    In conjunction with the local health department, Latta School will inform staff and students' families of locally available diagnostic and screening
testing if the possibility of exposure to COVID-19 exists.

7.    Efforts to Provide Vaccinations to School Community
A.    Latta School will work with the local health department to disseminate information about local vaccination clinics, and when possible, host
vaccination clinics on the school premises.

8.    Appropriate Accommodations for Children with Disabilities with Respect to Health and Safety Policies -
A.    Latta School will coordinate with the local health department to make appropriate accommodations for any child with a disability in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment related to COVID-19.
B.    Latta School will use ESSER funds to purchase adaptive technology for students with disabilities to use when they are required to engage in remote learning due to isolation, quarantine, inclement weather, or other unforeseen circumstances.

9.    Coordination with State and Local Health Officials -
A.    Latta School will coordinate with the local health department in creating and maintaining the Latta School Safe Return and Continuity of Services Plan.

10.    Continuity of Services -
A.    In the event that a student is sent home sick or due to exposure to COVID-19, or if the school is temporarily closed due to a large community outbreak, Latta School will provide continuing learning services to our students.
B.    Latta is a one-to-one district. Each student has an electronic learning device assigned to them. In the event that learning from home occurs, the student will be allowed to use this device from home. Lessons will be provided to students via Google Classroom or other method of curriculum delivery as determined by the district.
C.    In the event that the school campus is closed due to a large community outbreak, Latta School may coordinate with the Oklahoma State Department of Education Child Nutrition Division to provide meals to students during the closure. The school may serve grab-and-go meals on the
D.    school campus and transport meals to satellite locations to be
determined by the administration.
E.    Latta School staff members, including: counselors, the school nurse, teachers, and administrators, will reach out to students and their families during any period that the school is shut down to support social, emotional and mental health needs. Information for families concerning community resources that support social, emotional and mental health needs may be posted on school social media to be shared with families and the community.

11.    COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies -

The following strategies will be used to help prevent the spread of COVID-19: 

•    All HV AC Units Have Been Fit With UV Lighting
•    Temperatures Checks Upon Arrival At School
•    Self-Screening By Students and Staff
•    In accordance with Oklahoma state law, face coverings will not be required.in school facilities, buildings, or buses for students or staff. However, we strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask to protect themselves and others, especially while indoors in hallways and classrooms.
•    The most recent guidance from the Oklahoma Health Department states that quarantines are recommended for individuals exposed to a positive 19 COVID case.
•    The Oklahoma Health Department states that individuals who are fully vaccinated do not need to quarantine if exposed. However, anyone with symptoms needs to isolate until they can test or receive alternative diagnosis.
•    Schools will notify parents if their child has been exposed at school.
•    Anyone with a positive COVID-19 test will required to isolate, regardless of vaccination status.
•    Staff will continue to deep clean and sanitize our school facilities, and all staff members will continue to encourage thorough handwashing. Hand sanitizer will also be readily available to students.
•    Where possible, we will continue to observe social distancing.

12. Social Emotional Learning and Mental Health - Latta Schools will make every effort to promote healthy practices and protocols while recognizing that the social-emotional well-being of our students is as important as their academic learning. 

School counselors go into classrooms throughout the year and discuss topics as needed with students. 


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