• Jan 19 There are changes to the lunch menu for tomorrow, Thursday, January 20. The cafeteria will serve chicken sandwiches, tater tots, fruit, veggies, and milk.
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Latta Safe Return & Continuity of Services Plan

Latta School Safe Return and Continuity of Services Plan   REVISED 10.12.2021  Latta School will coordinate with the Pontotoc County Health Department to make sure proper protocols are followed and enforced in the event that a student or staff member is exposed to, or becomes infected with, the COVID-19 virus. The district will consult with and may follow any recommendations from the Pontotoc County Health Department related to outbreaks in the community or our school. This may include implementing any of the necessary procedures listed below or the temporary closure of individual schools or the entire district.  1.    Universal and Correct Wearing of Masks - A.    Students in grades 4-12 may be required . . .

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District News

  Indian Education Parent Committee Meeting - Wednesday, January 19, 2022.  Click for more information. Latta School News Notifier --a convenient way to stay in the loop.  Latta School is offering an opt-in alert system to all Latta parents and students.  The notifications will be in the form of a text message to your phone.   Who should sign up? Anyone who wants to be notified of emergency school closings and important announcements. How do you subscribe? Click the link " Sign up for the News Update " located at the bottom of this page in the black area.  Fill in the information requested along with the Carrier for your phone--example:  AT&T or Cellular One (notice the . . .

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Latta Mission Statement

  LATTA PUBLIC SCHOOLS MISSION STATEMENT Latta Public Schools will provide the opportunity for a challenging and relevant educational experience that will empower students to be productive, confident, and successful citizens. Core Values Integrity —a reflection of high moral character within oneself Honor —a dedication to the principles of right and wrong within one’s family, school, and community Dependability —being faithful to one’s word Commitment —a pledge to do one’s best in all circumstances Accountability —accepting responsibility for actions that affect oneself and others . . .

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